"Without LinkedUp Now, I would not have easily been able to find the right internship for me.

It was clear that they cared about me and the internship I was put into." (Summer 2016)

Team Leaders

Bernardine Wu, Managing Director

Bernardine Wu is the founder and CEO of FitForCommerce, a specialty consultancy that advises leading eCommerce and digital retail businesses for accelerated growth. Bernardine’s entrepreneurial success has resulted from her many years of strategic and operational executive roles in eCommerce/Digital Retail, Management Consulting, and Wall Street.

Bernardine graduated with a double B.A. in English and Asian Studies from Dartmouth College and is currently an Alumni Coordinator for Dartmouth Admissions Interviews, while she remains close to the admissions process. She is also a National Advisor to Women of Dartmouth and serves on the Leadership Committee. She has mentored many high school and college students, is always hosting student interns at her companies, and is passionate about actively supporting future generations. She lives in Short Hills with her two children.

Ariana Joy, Managing Director

Ariana Joy is a Founding Partner of Brilliant Forces, a specialized designed agency that focuses on crafting interactive digital experiences for companies to more uniquely engage their customers. Lending her insight into brands, markets, and global audiences, Ariana has a natural strength for psychology, philosophy, and communication, and is adept at operations and client relations.

Ariana supports people to elevate their experience of life, and has received a Certification in Coaching for Transformation post graduation from NYU Gallatin, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Conscious Communications, an interdisciplinary approach to catalyzing accomplishment. Particularly passionate about evolving education and creating more opportunity locally, Ariana is especially excited for this Summer's launch of LinkedUp Now!


John Westfall, Head Advisor

John runs JWK Consulting providing high level strategy and insights for clients involved in the nonprofit sphere. He is a licensed NJ real estate agent and the Chief Operating Officer at the Simon Westfall-Kwong Real Estate Group.

John has over 25 years of active leadership, fundraising, governance and senior management experience with national nonprofit organizations raising over $220 million. 

John was on the Millburn School District Board of Education from 2013 through 2016 serving as Board President in 2015 and chairing various committees including Finance, Property, and Negotiations during his tenure.

Nancy Siegel, Head Advisor*

Nancy Siegel is the head guidance counselor at Millburn High School, and has been a cornerstone of the community throughout her entire life.

Nancy graduated from the Millburn school district in 1958, and 10 years later returned as the high school's guidance counselor.  For almost fifty years Nancy has been advising over thousands of students and has guided them through the college admission process.  

She feels that it is important for students to gain experience in an actual business setting to best prepare them for making college decisions. With an internship students "interact with people of all ages & backgrounds and learn to both adapt and embrace these differences."

*No compensation is received


Maureen McGovern, Resume/Interview Prep Coach

Maureen McGovern is the founder and owner of Academic Journeys and Career Journeys and has a wealth of experience guiding students and adults to align personal strengths and interests into fulfilling careers.

Eight years ago Maureen traded in the corporate world to create an organization in education support services and career counseling for students and young adults.  Focusing on the individual student and how that student learns as well as the student’s interests and goals Academic Journeys has had the opportunity to guide students as they transition through the academic world to the world of work.

In addition to a MBA focused in Finance and Financial Management Services from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management from The American University; Maureen holds several certifications in Counseling, Coaching, Instructional Design and Ethics.

Warwick Arrowsmith, Resume/Interview Prep Coach

Warwick Arrowsmith is the Vice President of the Project Management Office at FitForCommerce and overseas tall processes and tools related to management and execution of programs. He has 15 years of Transformation experience in Finance, IT and Retail sectors helping larger companies execute their strategic goals and assisting with continuous improvement with the organizations.

Warwick is a strong believer of the cultivation of skills and knowledge through collaboration and mentoring - "The student should always surpass the Master."  As such, he is looking to make that happen!

Warwick came from Sydney, Australia 15 years ago and has travelled extensively throughout the United States. He has a passion for History and anything mechanical and lives with his two children (and Shi-Tzu) in Florham Park, NJ.


Mei-Mei Tuan, Advisor

Mei-Mei Tuan is the Managing Partner and founder of Notch Partners, the premier provider of leadership capital and management-led buyout strategies for private equity firms. After her roles as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, BankAmerica and BankAustria, and prior to founding Notch Partners, Mei-Mei ran a thriving independent consulting practice.

A frequent speaker at events and on panels that promote and support women business leaders and managers, Mei-Mei is an active board member of Friends of Thirteen, Montclair Kimberley Academy, the Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: TBBK) and the Harvard Business School Asian-American Association (HBS4A).

Mei-Mei is also a member of Business Leadership Council (BLC) at Wellesley, New Jersey Women’s Forum, and the Committee of 100.

Cynthia Kounaris, Advisor

Cynthia Kounaris is the Chief Strategy Officer for FitForCommerce. As the head of organizational development and resourcing, Cynthia is currently overseeing all aspects of FitForCommerce recruiting, both internal and for clients, and leading other key organizational initiatives.

Cynthia also is co-founder and Executive Director of the grassroots Women Ecommerce Execs organization, created to provide networking, education and growth opportunities for women in ecommerce.

Cynthia is a former vice president of the Las Olas Association merchants group, and prior to ecommerce and retail, Cynthia was a VP with over 15 years of Wall Street technology experience, managing the development of complex trading systems at Salomon Brothers, JPMorgan, and Deutsche Bank.


Our Process

Applications & Forms

We review each Student Application & Business Form in detail, to make the ideal match for all of the summer internship opportunities.

Resume Guidance

We host a 1-hour private session with each student to understand and identify his or her strengths and goals.  Together we build a resume that reflects the student's personality and set of skills to attract ideal work experiences.

Interviews & Matches

We then coordinate interviews with prospective businesses, for students to gain one-of-a-kind exposure to the practice.  For every fit, we prepare a welcome package for the student to learn more about the Company.

Internship Guidance

We communicate with each student and business on a weekly basis, to ensure a great experience!

Culminating review

We meet again with every student for a private review of the enrichment, to discuss future plans, and develop a narrative to share on college applications.

Connecting Students & Businesses for Success