“LinkedUp Now was able to match me with a company that I found interesting and exciting to work with!

It was a great learning experience and a amazing opportunity to network.” (Summer 2018)

2018 Testimonials




“Having a summer internship allows students to get an understanding of what it will be like once they get a job.

An internship is an essential learning experience for high school students, it helps them understand what a working environment is like and how to act in those or similar social situations where there are bosses and rules to abide by. Personally, having an internship gave me a sense of responsibility, I worked with adults who taught me along the way, it was a great way to ease in to work.

Without LinkedUp Now, I would not have easily been able to find the right internship for me. It was clear that they cared about me and the internship I was put into. They kept in contact and asked questions throughout the process, which was greatly appreciated. I continuously received emails asking if I was comfortable with my internship, if I was enjoying the environment, as well as many others.

Overall, an internship through LinkedUp Now is not only a necessary part of a student’s high school years, but it is also extremely helpful in getting an understanding of future career options and environments.”


Rising Senior

St. BarnabAs

“My Linked Up Now Summer Internship was hands down one of the best experiences of my young life.

I worked with Dr. Su Wang, the medical director and internist at the Center for Asian Health at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. The focus of the center is Hepatitis B awareness and vaccination. They work in conjunction with the government to administer vaccinations and screenings. I got to do a variety of things; I helped rebuild the medical center's website, shadowed the doctors working there, worked at 3 Hepatitis B Screenings, and organized a Hepatitis B movie screening event.

I learned important skills outside of the classroom. This job was not just coffee making and errand running; it opened me up to the Medical and Healthcare Industry. I learned about the daily life of an Internist and the demands of running a medical center. I applied what I knew about website design to building a new website for the Medical center.

Most importantly, I experienced what work is actually like and how to tactfully interact with the people around me. I ended up working over 100 hours and I loved every minute of it. The flexibility of the job allowed me to explore my interests while still enjoying summer.

This is definitely an experience that I recommend to other high school students who want to be productive and who want to have fun over the summer.”



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